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Tom Mundez – Bass guitars

Favourite bands?
Jimi Hendrix, Gojira, Meshuggah, The Doors, Elvis Presley ('50s),Tool, Alborosie, The Skatalites, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Junior Watson, Rod Piazza And The Migthy Flyers, Ozric Tentacles, Israel Vibrations, Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Soreption, The Voynich Code, Ken Boothe, Duane Eddy, The Shadows, Intervals, Periphery, tesseract, Dean Martin, Protest The Hero, James Brown, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Huun Huur Tu,Bill Haley,Missy Elliot, Alter Bridge, Kyuss, Steve Ray Vaugahn, Ernest Ranglin, Roxorloops, Steve Wilson, Django Reinhard and many more...  
Favourite musicians?
Jimi Hendrix, Flabba Holt, Justin Chancellor, Dave Elfson, Fredrik Thordendal, Joseph Duplantier, Mario Duplantier, Jean Michel Labadie, Steve Vai and so on...
Favourite albums?
Too many to name, but look at the first question and you will get an idea of what I like.
Favourite songs?
Same as above

Who are some of your heroes?
Superman, Spiderman, Cowardman, Chris P. Bacon.
Favourite movies?
Indiana Jones, Terminator, The Fugitive, Seven, 12 Monkeys, Saw, History Of The World, Top Secret and so on.

Favourite books/authors?
I'm not much of a reader.          

Favourite games?
Tony Hawk's Pro skater (all of them).
Favourite food?
Gratin, homemade fries, good Flemish boerekost.
Favourite beverage(s)?
Coke, Sprite, milk.
Favourite colour(s)?
Earthy colors and the Colors On The Ceiling.
Favourite sound(s)?
The bell of my oven sounding when the gratin is done.
Favourite 23 Acez song(s)?
Colors On the Ceiling, Numb, Alone, Descending, 30 Something...
Favourite Franz Bauer song?
Danm, I forgot to mention Franz in my Favourite Bands/musician section.
Favourite holiday?
Freedom Day.
Favourite year?
The Year 3000, man that was a good one!
Favourite technological development?
The wheel.
Favourite furniture store?
The Circlewalk Store
Favourite animal?
I like every animal, preferably with gratin or homemade fries.

Medium, rare, or well done?
Well done.
Favourite type of sauce?
Favourite kind of fast-food?
Favourite language?
Russianlish spoken by Tom Tas.
Favourite 1980’s TV series?
Tros Actua.
Favourite modern-day TV show?
Top Gear.
Favourite animated TV show(s)?
Favourite character on the Simpsons?
I would like to change the question to: Favourite character of Futurama.
Then it would be: The hyper-Chicken Lawyer, Morbo (plus all of the characters voiced by Maurice La Marche), Bender.
Favourite character on the Muppets?
Favourite smell?
Favourite detergent?
Favourite mode of transportation?
My shoes.
Favourite speed at which to travel?
The speed of sound would be awesome.
Favourite criminal organization?
The Blips and the Cruds.
Favourite British prime minister?
James Hacker.
Favourite episode of Fawlty Towers?
The Germans.

Favourite cup size?
Soup Cup, the cup for best soup cooking.
Favourite breast of Pamela Anderson?
The left one, but i have my doubts whether the nipple is actually the real left one and not the right one , in which case there is a sort of mistaken identity going on.
Favourite toilet seat material?

Favourite body cavity?
My pores.
Favourite type of cutlery?
Favourite Chuck Norris joke?
Chuck Norris can't get a heart attack because his heart isn't foolish enough to attack him.
Favourite household appliance?
Favourite kind of mayonnaise?
The one that’s good for you.

Favourite magazine?
Favourite vegetable?

Favourite alternative kind of toilet paper?
The neighbours' rabbit

Favourite conspiracy theory?
The big Bang Theory (not the tv show).

Shaken or stirred?

Salt or pepper?

High or low?

Hot or cold?

Wet or dry?

Dogs or cats?
Favourite type of wood?
Buckeye burl/ walnut burl.
Favourite planet?
Omicron Persei 8.
Favourite fictional character?
Yngtor Malmucci (guitar player for Iron Theatre; one day he will be real!)

Why are we here?
Are we here?? It can't be true, we are over there.
Why am I here?
You tell me! I'm over there.      
Why are you here?
I'm really, really, 100% sure that I'm over there with you...
Are we here at all?
Dude, like I said: we are over there!!!
Is there a God?
Yes! Eh, no!! I mean perhaps, maybe not -- or is there...???
At any rate; if there is a God he will be over there ... I thought I saw him, actually, while I was over there with you, but after closer investigation it was probably a small beaver dressed as a fifty foot green-and-purple striped yeti playing the bass fiddle through a simulated simulation simulator and a ground T-Rex-powered bass amp while eating some steaks (or was it stakes?) and salad on the side with a nice dressing.
Here's the recipe for the salad dressing by the way:

Pepper (about 18,254 kilo's, depending on your own taste)
1 lemon
1 wheel barrel of honey
1 bag of wood shavings (preferably snake wood)
50 litres of wood glue (the white one)
3 oak beams
Tools needed:
2 of the 3 Sankara stones (they have to be the REAL Indiana stones)
The axe from the movie The Shining (again, it has to be the real deal. When I first tried to make this amazing salad dressing, I could not get my hands on the axe and the stones. I thought I could get away with using another axe and some other stones, but boy was I wrong -- I'm still removing splinters from my frontal lobe and cleaning the glue from between my toes! Luckily I found a guy who is able to get his hands on these things; he lives on an isle in the Pacific ccean, so he can only come visit me once every 5 years, and.... sorry I digress)
1 empty Jacuzzi
1 excavator
1  10 pound hammer
So here (or there) we go:
Chuck the salt, pepper, mustard, honey and wood shavings in the empty Jacuzzi using the excavator and grind the ingredients with the Sankara stones. Then use the axe to peel the lemon as well as the oak beams. Add to the rest of the ingredients. Use the hammer to mix the ingredients. If you are in a rush you also can use the excavator. Top off with the glue.
Bon ap(p)etit!

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